Friday, 28 March 2014

Today's thoughts whilst painting: Reality through abstraction

Over the last couple of weeks I have become more aware of my interest in abstracting from observable reality.  Case in point in my observation studies from local rock formations and how my mind makes judgements.  When I paint I extract information from the observed object, through this I make decisions based upon my experiences from the last 25 years. 
The decisive marks made try to capture the moment of decision and evidence reality;  reality grounded in the way our minds' choose particular realities we live by - based on a past that is remembered and the choices we have made which have led to our present moment we are living.
For me painting evidences many realities which are competing for a position of authority and the artist has to make judgements to reign in the authoritative position of the mark and colour, seeking an aesthetic balance between all the marks and results of the decision processes. 
This has led me to the process of abstraction in making, drawing inspiration from the natural world and seeking syntheses between the reality of the observed and the reality of imagination.   We could say, possibly, that everything we see and experience is nothing more than our imagination and it is us, in our denial, who creates a false reality based upon the needs and desires of our inner-self.  Of course this can lead to such problems in our personal reality.   In this case we must get to know ourselves and not rely upon others' ideas of ourselves to construct our reality.

  We are the result of experiential realities, therefore we as a species need to become fully aware of our contribution to society and the world through the interactions we have.
For me the abstract is the only true reality and therefore one must submit to the abstractness of reality and see the world for what it is... abstract information which is used by our ideologies to construct a linear reality grounded in desire.
This is an inescapable truth - we are seeking the pleasure of living - how we find this pleasure is different in us all.  For myself the pleasure gained from seeing something beautiful is the key to syncing out of the time/ space continuum and into the other world - a world of no thought, no ideology and no questioning.  This is possibly, as Krishnamurti in his Flowering of Life booklet makes one aware of: The only true reality is when one gazes upon something of such aesthetic beauty, which is independent of another person's thoughts of 'ideal' beauty -  it can then be possible to say we are touching the edge of the sublime reality of truth and full awareness of 'being'.
  The act of creating something, of seeking the necessary truths of balance, composition and arrangements is the seeking of the divine within all acts of creation.  This goal in seeking a synthesis of various competing realities that inhabit the Universe, metamorphosing into forms which encapsulate the sublime, is possibly an emotive garnering of 'existential realities', moving towards a coherent understanding about what it means to 'be' and what we as 'beings' contribute to the understanding of ourselves, and the world, through the Art we create, see, experience and love.