Friday, 24 May 2013

Kick Back Hack: Limited Edition Prints in the high street shops

In the town of Taunton somewhere hidden in the shops there exists some limited edition lino prints ready to be found.  This is an intervention experiment under the name of the Kick Back Hack.  Its purpose is to form another way of distributing art out there in the high street, through a variety of means.  

So keep those eyes peeled when you go shopping and check those pockets - you never know what you might find when you try on clothes, pick up books to flick through or find hidden among the various commercial products out there.  

There are nine in total of each print (18 total) and are numbered 1-9.  The prints are printed on Bristol Board and measure 9 x 6.5 cms and 6.5 x 9 cms.  Each print has been printed from one roll of the ink and reproduced - aping the 'commercial product' of replication, yet each of these prints are unique in themselves as well as reproductions from one lino cut image.

Nine Limited Edition Prints Collected
Detail: Perched Raven
Limited Edition Lino Prints Collected
Detail: Perched Raven