Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Memory Lane

One of the most useful aspects of the Internet is coming across programmes I remember watching as a young child.  Today, whilst surfing the net researching on 'distortion' and 'memory' I chanced upon some old episodes of The Invaders.

A classic television show that brought my attention to UFOs and Science-Fiction.  This programme captivated me each week and led me to great science-fiction writers including: Arthur C Clarke, Philip K Dick, Harry Harrison and Issac Asimov.

No doubt at the time the programme was released it became symbolic of the Cold War and the impending fears from possible nuclear war - invasion from the rise of Communism.  An external threat ready to take over America... One thing can be certain:  If there isn't an enemy then those in power will create one(Criminals, Benefit Cheats, Foreign Powers, Terrorists, Hackers, Protesters, Aliens etc...).

I thought I would share this opening episode with you - others are available on Youtube.