Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Jenny Saville

For many years I have been interested in Jenny Saville's work and so I thought I would share some of her images.  I found these interesting and was to  discover that she had also been placing images on top of one another at the same time I was doing one year ago.  

I continue with ideas how our contemporary society is bombarded with all manner of commercial images throughout the day, soaking into our minds, in some ways subtly influencing our decisions, without us really knowing the affect they have on our daily lives, unless we are aware of this and become critical in our questioning of the mechanics of such a concept and apply it in our daily lives, in our evolution.

I am drawn towards ideas associated with memory and how ephemeral images of the past influence us, informing decisions before we become aware of them consciously - more on this in a future post I am currently writing up.

In the meantime enjoy these images and delve into the mind of one of the UK's most interesting and talented artists working in the 21st Century. - Interview for her Oxford Show (2012)